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This website is not a substitute for medical intervention or professional advice.

This site’s purpose is to support people who are experiencing symptoms of anorexia nervosa (AN) and Autism and need connection. If you need medical intervention, I encourage you to seek it out; don’t wait until it’s too late.

Breaking down stigma has come far, but we have a long way to go in providing education about the impact of mental ill-health. Especially concerning eating disorders, many people miss out on receiving the early intervention and support they need and are cast into an unforeseeable future in seeking recovery. Co-morbidities and other diagnoses can further complicate one’s well-being.

I draw on personal experience with (AN) and Autism in advocating individualised treatment plans for eating disorders, and I shine a light on the effects that occur when these two diagnoses (AN and Autism) co-exist.

We are told to reach out, that early intervention is crucial, but what happens when we do reach out and are told we do not qualify for the criteria for government-funded help? Where do we turn if we do not have the funds to seek private treatment? I discovered this dead end, and I lost sight for a while; I lost hope, and I lost faith. Not for long, though, because I knew it was now up to me to take a stand and start fighting for my rights.

I’ve created this site for people who, like me, have experienced obstacles in seeking help. Importantly, I want to let you know that finding another avenue is possible, despite being weak from malnutrition, emotionally exhausted and holding more baggage than you weigh.

This site is a safe place to release some of your baggage, breathe, and know that you’re not alone in your struggle. Do not give up on looking for help and understanding, do not give up on advocating for yourself and using your voice for a better life.

Achieving an improved life quality is possible. Yes, it’s a struggle and challenging, but it is possible. Don’t limit yourself to identifying yourself with your diagnosis; find your identity, and don’t let a diagnosis determine that for you.

Australians may find the following sites helpful:

Note: I am creating this site through working with my writing mentor, Dr June Alexander, at The Diary Healer.