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Individualised Eating Disorders and Autism Awareness

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*Content is recommended for 18 years and over*

*No glorification of Eating Disorders allowed*

This site is a safe space for recovery and is not for people wanting to glamorise a severe, debilitating and deadly illness. This is *not* a ‘Pro Eating Disorder’ site.

Be mindful of others; be supportive and show the kindness you wish to have delivered to you. Triggering content is not allowed.

*Bullying and judging others is unacceptable and not tolerated; this is a safe, judgment-free environment. Negative comments on disabilities, experiences or diagnoses, race, religion, sexuality, or gender identification are not allowed. *

Self-promotion, or promotion of a company or links not relevant to this community is not allowed.

Questions will be responded to promptly.

Respect and be empathetic to others on this site; do not share personal information or medical documents. Avoid naming hospitals, facilities, homes, clinics, and other health industry businesses. Take your concerns and complaints straight to the person in charge and healthily use your voice. If you need to speak about a good or bad experience (trust me, we all have them), sensor names out for legal reasons.

*Privacy and safety reasons: Pictures of relapse are not allowed. We’re here to support one another on our journey. Only submissions of pictures of positive reinforcement towards recovery will be considered for posting, and remember to be thoughtful with your written commentary at all times.

Being a part of this community requires trust and awareness of other people’s triggers. Respectfully express your feelings if there is an issue, and I will monitor the situation for rule-breaking.

*This site is not the appropriate place to discuss COVID 19 – there are many other sites that specialise in addressing this condition. The safety and respect of all readers of my site is the priority at all times.

Things that will cause the removal of a post or member:
– Mocking of any victims, people with disabilities, people with mental health challenges, and survivors of suicide.
– Encouragement of unhealthy eating/diets of any sort.
– Weight loss promotion.
– Graphic imaging of self-harm.
– Hate speeches and bullying.
– Naming and shaming organisations, facilities, and people.
– Use of images, memes and illustrations directed at any disability, eating disorder, autism or mental illness.

*This site will not publish posts on self-harm or suicide ideation. If experiencing self-harming thoughts, contact a friend or family member or contact an emergency hotline serving your area through the Internet. (While offering an emotionally support and a safe place to share, this site is not a professional organisation qualified to manage that form of high risk).*

In Australia, if you feel in immediate danger or at risk of self-harm or harm to others, or you know someone who is at risk, contact:
Police and Ambulance: 000

Aboriginal community for eating disorders
Beyond Blue and Online Chat
Phone – 1800 33 4637

The Butterfly Foundation for Eating Disorders
8 am-midnight (AEST), seven days a week
Phone: 1800 ED HOPE (1800 33 4673)
Email: support@thebutterflyfoundation.org.au
Online chat

Beyond Blue Support Service – Support. Advice. Action.
Phone: 1300 22 46 36

Black Dog Institute

Kids Help Line
Phone – 1800 55 18 00

Lifeline 24/7
Phone: 13 11 14
Text: 0477 13 11 14 6pm – midnight AEST